Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear I'm the mom who didn't want twins

     Dear I'm the mom who didn't want twins,

     A friend posted your article today and I get it having twins is hard.   It's twice as much work,  twice as much time,  twice as much stress and twice as much money.  And I'm sure twice as much of many other things.  Some of them even nice things like kisses and snuggles and more love than you could ever dream of.  So let's be honest.  you went through many infertility treatments just as I have.  You knew that there was a chance of getting pregnant with twins.  You where aware of the medical risks involved with being pregnant with twins.  And you're a smart girl I'm sure you discussed the impact it would have on your family if you did get pregnant with twins.

      So I don't get it?  When going through infertility treatment there is always a chance of multiples.  You either embrace it and go forward  or you do everything possible to reduce the risk of multiples.  I remember your infertility journey and you most definitely didn't choose the latter.  So I really don't understand how you could be " The Mom Who Didn't Want Twins".

     I guess I expect more from a fellow mother who struggled with infertility.  Be more sensitive to others.  Have more empathy.  Maybe even be a little more honest.   Try and remember that there are twin moms out there that had to say goodbye to one or both of there twins much to soon.  Try and remember those moms would give anything to have to deal with your twin struggles.  Try to remember that you can have fears and worries and still want something.  So I will give you the benefit of a doubt and think maybe your title should have read "I am scared and stressed to be having twins but want them with all my heart".  Not as catchy as your title but I hope it's closer to the truth.

The mom of  an angel twin

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